The Xchange

Produced by Singapore Youth for Christ

The XChange is inspired from the Ragman by Dale Ward. It shows a Ragman who offers to trade his new rags for old ones. He exchanges items with the people he met and took on their pains when he puts them on.

Many times, we try to find the answers to problems on our own, failing when we only achieve temporal results or none at all. Either that or we choose to ignore the problem or even blame it upon someone else. Not every one of us behaves like the characters in the story but we too have issues in life that we need solutions to. What we fail to see is that we need help from someone outside; someone greater than we are to provide us with comfort and solution.

This person is real. He is Jesus Christ, the man who died for us on the cross (Good Friday), sacrificing His life for ours just like the Ragman sacrificed his life for the four characters. He took our sins and bore our sufferings upon His perfect nature. Notice the time and date? Jesus died and then rose again on the third day (Easter Day). His victory over death gives us a new life and hope!


  • Director: Wesley Heng
  • Producers: Cassandra Tan, Linda Goh
  • Assistant Producer: Yeo Yin
  • Director of Photography: Joel Fong, Lee Chang Loong
  • Sound: Joel Choong, Richard Tan
  • Editors: Joel Fong, Annabelle Teo
  • Screenplay: Angela Ow, Cara Chiang, Grace Ng, Tini Ang
  • Art Direction: Danielle Ho
  • Make up: Francina Toh
  • Storyboard: Cassandra Tan, Joel Choong
  • Music Selection: Joel Choong, Yeo Yin
  • Logistics: Richard Tan