Looking for a platform to show an audience what you can do as an artist or performer? Join us!

While It’s Day (WID) is looking for young artists or performers (13 to 21 years old) to showcase their art. Showcasing in performance, or through video recording, we will help to capture and develop your unique creativity, to show the rest of the world!

After working with us, you would have a video clip of yourself, in your artistic element. This would be free for you to use in any way; Instagram, YouTube, personal portfolio, or any way you might want to show your skills!

You will still need to use your own artistic materials and tools, like paints, brushes, costumes etc. However, the entire recording process would be free!

What does it benefit WID to do that, you might ask?
Our team truly believes in nurturing potential young artists embarking on their creative journey.

Going through tough experiences in our own youth, we felt that lack of connections, and hefty costs should not slow down younger artists getting their work out to the public. Dance, Visual arts, and other artistic medium always has deeper stories, and we want the world to hear your voice!

Sounds good? If you’re just a little bit curious to find out more, drop us an email at create@whileitsday and we can’t wait to hear from you!