Sketchwalks; and the Progress so far!

If you haven’t already joined us, we’ve been doing sketch walks! (Sometimes I wonder why I write this because I’m not sure who reads these posts!)

In any case, we’ve been busy getting ourselves all around the Little India area, and joining together with TAM Art House, a little art place that allows students some space to use. So of course, we’re gonna get ourselves there and start using the place as our meet up point after our sketches.

Our First Sketch walk, ending at TAM

Let’s just start with why we started sketch walks first:
1. Our initial ideas of having a gallery to showcase student work didn’t turn out so well.
2. Time ran out on us in a few ways, and we didn’t manage to get students on board after some time.

SO, Sketchwalks seemed like a good thing to try in the time ahead. Official sketch walks run by Urban Sketchers Singapore (USKSG) are conducted every last Saturday of the month, and we had joined some in order to see how easy to approach it could be. And boy, it can really be approached from many angles.

a HUGE sketchwalk turn out with Urban Sketchers Singapore

There’s watercolorists, urban sketchers, people who paint hyperrealistic looking imagery, that seems photo-like. All of which, could suit the range of students from any or most design or art courses. Or even the theatre, music or dance students could find a sense of relief through sketching.

The best part? At the end of every sketch walk, we put our work together for a time of “Show and Tell”, not to explain our work, but just a display. This gives you, the sketcher, a chance to see other people’s work, and also a chance for people to see yours. Put together, the collage of works always seems like a really cool art piece, and everyone has a blast.

Drawing on a book really really blew my mind- done by Christine – Yr3 Fine Arts student

Where do we go from here?
In our different times of getting people to join us for sketch walks, I think this always hangs at the back of my head. What can we do with the sketches, what can we move forward to produce for students, or to let the students work shine?

One, for sure, is for the passionate ones to grow more, and try something more complicated, more distinctive as an artist/designer/creator. It could be as simple as just producing one single piece of artwork. It could mean a zine. Its just for that individual to take up on his or her own.

Another idea is to develop a body of work, that could be displayed, placed somewhere. This could be a published book, or an art show (at TAM maybe? heh). But it could lead into a range of things. Some students had asked about ArtWalk at Little India, and we would be happy to provide any assistance into sketching the places, the most interesting ways it would be to express oneself in the space, tips of where to sit for good views, the list goes on.

Little steps to a great sketch!!

One thing essential to keep is always the relaxed idea of the sketch walk. With aims, or plans, sketchwalks started as a way to relook at something, taking time to let your brain stretch away from the hectic design schedules that we have to deal with, and to appreciate everything that’s already been made. It’s not meant to toss your brain into further hurdles, or to produce something critical that clients are demanding.

All this being said, we’ve only managed to do this for a good two months, so maybe in another few months, everything would change again. Who knows? Except that we will keep on trying to find more ways to give students an opportunity to shine, to help hone their skills.

Thanks Dana, for helping me end the post. LOL

Peace out,
Joel – for While Its Day.


If you’re a student, and you’re interested to join us to sketch, or to just try to produce something, email us here!

If you’re an art hobbyist, or you’re just keen on student artworks and you have a space to showcase work, email us here!

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