Make Stuff Happen in July/Aug

We’re planning to have some art jams in July and August period!

Our small working title at this point is: “MAKE STUFF HAPPEN”. Just to think aloud, some criteria that we’re aiming for:

  1. Produce at least 2 pieces of work
    1. These works should be something we would consider selling or making a T-Shirt out of, etc.
    2. It should be something insta-worthy
  2. Have fun and collaborate
    1. Be willing to have others chip in to improve ideas
    2. Credit others helping your creative process!

Is there anything else you would think would help an art jam? or maybe, we should even call it something different!

Comment, or just buzz us about something that you would be interested to try!

New Site, New Look!

We’ve been looking at different ways to approach and explain to students how WHILE ITS DAY works! This website showcases some of the work that we’ve done with other students and young artists, of different disciplines.

In due time, we hope to make this a vibrant platform, where artists of different disciplines can meet, create, and sharpen each others’ artistic skill for the next generation of artists.

join us  and lets make something new

email: create at whileitsday dot com

Deborah & Katelyn: Photo Journal: Jurong Fishery Port

Community and company is prime in producing the best peeled prawns through the night. It is only through the conversations we share that we begin to relish the simplest things in life.

The sheer fixation of the fish accountant counting his earnings was disrupted by two young tourists, holding up their cameras in wonderment as they stared with wide-eyes at him. He returned their gaze with a face written with vexation.

‘Crawling on all fours, he makes his way through the blueprint of the fish, so intricate, reflecting order that stands tall in the midst of chaos. Within seconds, he decides whether the fish is ready to embrace the world, whether its gills are fresh enough, or its eyes are clear enough. He grabs then roughly, with no qualms that they could still be breathing, with blood pumping through their veins.


Meryl & Janice: Photo Journal: Jurong Fishery Port

未雨 (鱼) 绸缪

Marine consumption is vital for human survival.

This picture is a metaphor for weighing the benefits of marine consumption.


Levitating Knife

The top part of the knife that is blunt represents how time and energy are chipped away as these fish mongers dedicate their life into their work.

Survival of the Fittest


Over the years, these fish mongers have acquired the skill of productive efficiency and have applied this in their field of work. This has benefited the efficiency of the system, which reflects the importance of efficiency in society.

Elnathan, Kayhan & Ju Le: Photo Journal: Life and Death before Dawn

Before the sun rises, the people gather for business transactions. “Life & death before dawn”, is my title for this photo series. This is symbolic for us as this is my first live experience in the fishery. It is a point of reflection as Jesus’ disciples were fishermen and whose lives depend gravely on the daily catch. This photo series represents the life of a fisherman, beginning with the fishermen who bring in the fishes.

Then, preparation of the fishes that requires a lot of time and effort.

Finally, the fishes are sold to the customers. I feel that this encapsulates the whole process of being a fisherman. The irony of the liveliness and livelihood is based on the death of livestock.